About PipaJam

We are avid game lovers and educators from Columbia University Teachers College.

In Teachers College cafeteria, we came up with this idea to create a site for kids to play and learn. All games on this site are licensed from game developers and carefully selected and reviewed by our team.

There are multiple benefits of playing educational games. Kids can have fun and grow their skills. We review each game based on its education values.

Pipa is the Hawaii Goddess of love and we built Pipa Jam with love from New York City. Our team have played and hand picked highly valued educational games in this site proudly.

We are confident that every single game is suitable for kids from age 2-13 years old. We hope you love this site and will learn by playing games selected by our editors with love.

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate and send us an email at [email protected].



Super fun and safe games for kids❤️

Are many of the online games suitable for my children to play?🤔

This is exactly what parents are worried about now.❓

To solve this problem, we have developed Pipajam® that is probably the best solution you have encountered so far.☀️

Our team of game experts has gone through extensive testing and review to make sure that your kid is playing age-appropriate and fun games here.🐧🐘🐹🐱🐶🐸🐑🐄🐬🐳

To save you time, our team of game experts has written a brief review for each game and the age range it corresponds to, in order to help you make a better choice.👍

Perfect game experience and kid’s safety is our top priority!🦄

All games are free and can be played anytime on any device including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Application installation is not required at Pipajam®, just Play with joy!